Our Latest Arrivals May 2013

We have just received our first shipment of DVD’s from Kenny Kosek, Sam Bush and David Grier.

Be sure to check out the new DVD’s for mandolin, guitar and fiddle.

Bluegrass Mandolin by Sam Bush.

With the split-screen DVD technique you’ll easily be able to follow Sam Bush’s complex left-hand fretting as well. Invaluable for all mandolinists. You won’t find a clearer, easier method for learning.

Become a Better Fiddler with Kenny Kosek.

Kenny is a top player and an experienced instructor. He teaches eleven important tunes and their variations with patience and humor, breaking each one down in detail. You’ll first learn how to play the basic melody, then get instruction in adding ornaments and creating improvised solos in a variety of styles.

Bluegrass Guitar – Building Powerful Solos with David Grier.

David Grier has won accolades for the sheer originality of his style and technical virtuosity. Working with his personal method will provide hours of enjoyment as you add interest and power to your guitar sound.


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