All About Lead Mandolin – Sam Bush

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<strong>Fiddle Tunes, Rags, Waltzes, Solos and Variations</strong>
One hour, 40 minute DVD – Music and tab file on DVD to view or print – Instructions Included.

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A modern-day mandolin master shows you how to play melodies, improvise variations and step out and take a hot lead solo. He teaches a variety of tunes in different keys and styles, from straight bluegrass to contemporary originals.

Sam helps you build your technique with warm-ups, scales, drills and a unique callous-building exercise. He addresses how to improve speed, play with good time and improve your right hand picking, offering vital information and advice about lead soloing and improvising.

You’ll start getting in shape with Sam’s take on the classic fiddle tune Fisher’s Hornpipe in D. Then it’s on to his bluesy, string-band tune Cloverleaf Rag (C); the Monroe-like waltz The Old North Woods (G minor); the bluegrass perennial Midnight On The Stormy Deep (E); and Blue Mountain (A), an up-tempo original, including a challenging section that’s “new on the mandolin.” Finally, he gives you a “finger buster” ending to practice for improving your all-around technique.


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