Banjo Jamming

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Banjo Jamming with Ross Nickerson $31.00

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Learn to play banjo backup, how to solo, improvise and have more fun practicing with’s Ross Nickerson.

Play along with Ross Nickerson and a backup band. These lessons and songs to play along with should really help you learn to recover from mistakes, memorize tablature easier and become a better banjo player.

Pick along on seven important standards at three different speeds. Ross explains the chords to each song, then when the songs begin, he plays a solo and then plays backup for you while you take your solo.

The high quality audio includes bass and guitar so you can learn and hear what it feels like to be in the groove. The DVD also comes with a 25 minute bonus video lesson on learning all the chord forms without using a chord chart.

The presentation is similar to Ross’s book The Banjo Encyclopedia presents learning the chords but illustrated and shown to you on video.The DVD comes with written tablature arrangements for the songs and instruction on how best utilize the DVD.

The songs are Cripple Creek, Blackberry Blossom, Salt Creek, Old Joe Clark, Boil the Cabbage Down, Amazing Grace and I’ll Fly Away. Seven all together.

Easy to use, click through menus, digital quality, and valuable instruction.

Price: $31.00


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