Essential Banjo Licks

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Essential Banjo Licks by Ross Nickerson

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In this DVD Ross Nickerson presents eight different categories of Must Know Essential Banjo Licks with easy to read tablature and split screen video.

This DVD features over 100 useful and fun banjo licks that are essential to your knowledge and development. It was filmed using high quality split screen technologyand features the licks played at a faster and slow speed to make it easier to learn.

There is a full size tab booklet included on the DVD which can be printed out. DVD Chapters include:

  1. Beginnings, Endings and Turnarounds
  2. Must Know Scruggs Style Licks for G, C and D
  3. Melodic and Single String Style Banjo
  4. Backup Banjo
  5. Up the Neck Banjo
  6. Slow Banjo Styles
  7. More Blues Chromatic, Triplets, Hot Licks
  8. Bending the Strings

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