How To Practice Banjo

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Some of the topics you’ll cover in this 1 hour and 45 minute DVD are:

  • Quickly memorize and retain a song learned from tablature
  • Work through difficult spots and develop muscle memory
  • Improve everything you’ve already learned
  • Pick faster and more accurately
  • Develop the ability you need in your fretting hand to relax when you play
  • Practice aspects of learning banjo separately and then bring it all together at a higher level
  • Improve slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs and bending the strings
  • Practice timing and develop rhythm
  • Learn the notes on the neck and exercises to develop more overall skill
  • Develop your ability to play without tab through chord progression practicing
  • Practicing accenting the melody notes so you can really hear the melody when you play

Ross Nickerson of has come out with the newest in his ongoing series of top rated Banjo Instruction DVDs,How to Practice Banjo. What could be more practical and useful than to receive guidance on the one subject that will ultimately define your overall ability and success with learning this fun, but sometimes tricky instrument?

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How To Practice Banjo – $30.00
By Ross Nickerson


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