Jens Kruger’s Banjo Method for Beginners

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Banjo virtuoso Jens Kruger has devised a uniquely satisfying way for beginners to get started on this great American instrument. His is a completely different approach to learning to play the banjo: it’s liberating, inspiring and will allow anyone to make music in minutes. Even if you already play the banjo there will be revelations here for you.

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Jens’ approach is based on playing a simple melody line surrounded by open drone notes. You only have to play one string at a time, finding the tune by ear as you slide up and down the fingerboard. By combining this with a simple forward roll, your songs sound full and deceptively complex.

This easy but highly musical lesson will teach anyone to play the melodies to songs such as Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Aunt Rhody, Grandfather’s Clock, Wildwood Flower, Old Folks at Home, Shady Grove and other favorites in the three-finger banjo style.

Rhythmic backup by the Kruger Brothers Band adds a rich and cohesive sound and enables you to play along with Jens for productive practice sessions.

The banjo is a toy. Musicians are just playing with their toys. Don’t worry about right or wrong notes. Just find and play what pleases you – Jens Kruger.

2 reviews for Jens Kruger’s Banjo Method for Beginners

  1. Doelf Weder

    “Hello, this is only to tell you how much I enjoyed the new Jens Kruger beginner’s banjo DVD – a fascinating new, melody based approach for starting out on the banjo. I do only wish that you plan DVDs 2 and 3 as I am very curious how Jens is going to develop his melodic approach into intermediate territory. I’ll certainly be a buyer of these!” — Doelf Weder

  2. David Jakubiak, Banjo Newsletter

    “In this latest DVD, Jens demonstrates to all banjo students a simple dulcimer approach to playing. His non-traditional method of teaching the 5-string banjo is refreshing, unique and a wonderful compliment to your further development as a banjo player. I highly recommend this DVD to students and teachers alike.” — David Jakubiak, Banjo Newsletter

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