Karen Lynne – “Shine Your Light”

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14 Tracks of Gospel Music from Australia’s own Karen Lynne.

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Here is a stunning collection of traditional Bluegrass Gospel music from Australia’s own Karen Lynne.
This album was recorded in the USA using Randy Kohrs on Dobro; Josh Williams on guitar; Aaron McDaris & Martin Louis on banjo; Mike Bub on bass and Tim Crouch on fiddle and mandolin.


  1. Little Mountain Church House
  2. Your Presence is My Favourite Gift
  3. Coat of Many Colours (featuring Stella Parton)
  4. Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
  5. I Will See You Again
  6. Walk Slow
  7. Where Jesus Is (Duet with Daryl Mosley)
  8. Living Prayer
  9. He Loves to Hear You Shout
  10. In the Garden
  11. Will I be Good Enough
  12. Lord Lift me Up
  13. Christmas Star
  14. Send the Angels Down

2 reviews for Karen Lynne – “Shine Your Light”

  1. Phil Upton

    I have just been listening to Karen Lynnes latest album on her web site. This is a fantastic CD and so professionally done. The sound and voice and instruments all blend so well it is definitely a world beater. I only hope it gets out there and is heard and enjoyed by all those folk that appreciate good music from all walks of life.
    To have Dolly Partons sister Stella, doing harmonies on “Coat of Many Colours” is an absolute treasure.
    Karen and Martin a Big Well done. Now go, get it out there.

  2. Bob Marshall

    I have made five YouTube videos for Karen Lynne songs, with her permission, of course. She was gracious enough to send me a copy of “Shine Your Light”. I must say it is one of the best CDs I have heard in ages. I recently said that about Meredith Andrews’ latest CD “Worth It All”, but in the bluegrass gospel genre this is tops. It’s rare that I run across a CD where I like every single track, but this is one of them. Favorites: “Your Presence Is My Favorite Gift”, “Where Jesus Is”, “Will I Be Good Enough”. Thank you Karen. Thank you Tom T. and Dixie. Thank You God.

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