Playing Banjo by Ear

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Taught by Ross Nickerson

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Playing Banjo By Ear and Learning the Chords
 – $30.00
By Ross Nickerson

1 hour and 30 minutes of DVD instruction with Ross Nickerson will help you to

  • play without tablature,
  • learn to memorize,
  • learn the chords better,
  • learn to jam on banjo

This DVD has loads of practical tips for the student wanting to play with others and trying to reach the next level.
Includes instruction on learning the chords to songs, playing rolls and chords, up the neck chords, minor major and seventh chords.

The DVD also contains a host of tips and exercises to help improve your chord changing ability and practice backup.

You’ll learn how to improve your timing, pick a steady rhythm, improvise simply, add slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs to chords and chord changes in the song, playing with others and much more.

Price: $30.00


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