ProPik – Split Wrap Finger Pick

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ProPik’s Split Wrap style finger picks. Choose from Nickel-Silver or Brass in three different tone colours. Hand finished to the highest quality.

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Extra Comfortable Split Wrap – Hand Finished For Extra Comfort And Great Tone

Super comfortable fit—stays tight and secure to your finger without pinching or digging into cuticle. You can customise your tone by choosing from two metals and three blade styles.


  • ProPik # 3 – Bright
  • ProPik #2 – Brighter
  • ProPik #1 – Brightest

Your choice of blade (#1 – #3) will slightly alter the picks overall tone. The more pointed the blade the brighter the tone. Of the three blade styles in the ProPik range #1 is the most pointed while # 3 is the least pointed. The blade number is located just below the ProPik logo.

Gauge: .025″
Wrap: Split
Metal: Nickel-Silver or Brass
Blade Style: #1, #2 or #3
Made in USA

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Brass, Nickel-Silver


ProPik #1, ProPik #2, ProPik #3


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