Rock Solid Banjo Timing & Backup Tips

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Rock Solid Banjo Timing & Backup Tips–  $30.00

By Ross Nickerson.

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Ross Nickerson delivers a load of tips, tablature and demonstrations on how to play backup in this new DVD. Ross has simplified learning timing and teaches it to you in a way that you can not only understand but implement into your playing right away.

Ross also demonstrates the classic Scruggs’ Style Backup licks broken into full song chord progression exercises so you can practice them in context and really get the feel. Rock Solid Banjo Timing and Backup Tips is really like getting two DVDS in one on this DVD this two hour plus DVD.

This DVD instruction is guaranteed to help you get to the next level in your progress and immediately have an impact on everything you play. The Backup section of the DVD is more comprehensive than the title implies with secrets on backing vocals, instrumentals, tricks for playing back up and more – Ross Nickerson.

Price: $30.00


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